Africa Biosystems Limited And Life Technologies To Improve Food Security In Africa Through Improving Orphan Crops

Life Technologies is donating 4 protons and 4 ion chefs / one touch2 to help the sequencing of 100 orphan crops in Africa. The novel/de-novo sequencing will be done with the help of BGI (Beijing Genomics- China) and the resequencing studies will be carried out by ICRAF where the protons will be placed in a dedicated sequencing lab. Africa Biosystems Limited is representing Life technologies in Eastern Africa and is helping build capacity. ABL is the first line of contact for any service or application queries.

Managing Director Yasmin Verjee says “this technology will improve the nutrition and productivity of important crops in Africa and will ultimately reduce malnutrition and stunting that millions of children suffer.” A presentation ceremony took place at ICRAF today. Below are a few images from the event.