Africa Biosystems is Awarded Distributorship of Ab Sciex for East Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Biosystems Limited, a leader in distributing life science technologies in eastern Africa, is pleased to announce the addition of AB SCIEX to its product portfolio. AB SCIEX is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass spectrometers, highly sensitive and sophisticated instruments used by researchers and clinicians to identify and quantify specific molecules in complex samples. AB SCIEX sells into the research, applied and clinical markets. Laura C. Lauman, AB SCIEX President says AB SCIEX has an “ever expanding portfolio of new, breakthrough products and applications that will further enable scientific endeavours….it is an industry leader in mass spectrometry-based technologies for a future of accelerated innovation and growth.”

These new cutting edge products will bring to the region technologies used in applications like proteomics research, drug development, food and environmental safety testing and diagnostics testing. Customers include academic, research and government institutions, pharmaceutical development labs, reference labs and hospitals.

Yasmin Verjee, ABL’s Managing Director, says “we are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to bring AB SCIEX technology to the eastern African market. AB SCIEX is the global market leader in mass spectrometry and its instruments will address the needs of the eastern African scientific community. Its products are critical to many applications including research, applied and clinical markets.”

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