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Africa Biosystems Limited (ABL) is a distributor of state of the art life sciences equipment and consumables for Eastern African Markets. Our customers fall into four main categories: government, NGOs, academic and private sector. ABL, in partnership with its unique service arm, Africa Biosystems Limited, is responsible for installation and after sales support for instruments sold to customers. We are committed to providing excellent sales and support services, with a personal touch. ABL is driven by the principles of ethical practices, integrity and dedication to customer services. We are part of the United Nations Global Compact, a global organisation that promotes transparency and ethics.

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40% Off DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification Kits

Purify viral RNA/DNA from fresh or frozen cell-free biological fluids (plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid) and cell culture supernatants. The PureLink® Viral Mini Kit is specifically designed to isolate high-quality viral nucleic acids from a variety of RNA and DNA viruses within 45 minutes using low elution volumes that allow sensitive downstream analysis.

SimpliAmp™ ThermalCycler PN A24811 20% discount

The SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler is an easy-to-use, accurate, and small thermal cycler designed to fit any lab’s needs for everyday PCR. It is designed with reliable Applied Biosystems® engineering, including innovations like the responsive color touch screen and VeriFlex™ technology for simple and accurate optimization.

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Latest news

Africa Biosytems Limited Opens Regional Office in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania

Africa Biosystems Limited (ABL) demonstrated its commitment to growing the Life Sciences sector in East Africa by opening an office in Dar-es-Salaam. Managing Director Yasmin Verjee says…

Thermo Fisher Scientific Top Exec, Mark Smedley Visits Kenya

Africa Biosystems Limited hosted Mr. Mark Smedley the President for the Life Science Solutions Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific, EMEA, the world’s leader in Life Sciencesin the region,” said Operations Chief Johnny Verjee.

Africa Biosytems Limited Leads the Way in Growing Young African Scientists.

Africa Biosystems Limited sponsored 2 Ugandans, 2 Kenyans and 1 Indian researchers to attend the Thermo Fisher Scientific Ion World Tour 2015. “We are leading the way in partnering with young scientists in the region,”

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