Donation of DNA sampling kits to Kenyatta National Hospital

Africa BioSystems’ Biotechnologist Amy Wahome hands over DNA sampling kits to Deputy government chemist Ali Gakweli (right) at government chemist offices, Nairobi. The equipment will be used for DNA forensics at Government chemists. The equipment was donated by Africa Biosystems Limited looking on is John Kimani Mungai of Government chemist (centre) on November 5, 2013 PHOTO/ANTHONY OMUYA

In Summary

  • The DNA sampling kit was donated to the Government Chemist at Kenyatta National Hospital,

Africa Biosystems and Life Technologies helping Kenyan women and girls fight violence with cutting edge DNA technology

Africa Biosystems and Life Technologies helping ‘Liz’  and other Kenyan women and girls fight violence w cutting edge DNA technology.


Africa Biosystems’ Amy Wahome, forensic specialist, donates a DNA kit from Life Technologies to Kenya Government Chemist.  The kit will help identify and prosecute perpetrators of rape.


Africa Biosystems is Awarded Distributorship of Ab Sciex for East Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Biosystems Limited, a leader in distributing life science technologies in eastern Africa, is pleased to announce the addition of AB SCIEX to its product portfolio. AB SCIEX is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass spectrometers, highly sensitive and sophisticated instruments used by researchers and clinicians to identify and quantify specific molecules in complex samples.